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Fresh Friday

The weather is finally giving us a break here. It is actually in the low 80's after being in the 100s the last couple pf days. I desperately hope it rains.

I have to report that the Bose headphones I got for my Ipod are definitely worth the money. I went to the dentist today for several hours of work, and I was much calmer, thanks to the protective covering of headphones playing a little rock and roll. I also listened to an audio book (The Silver Chair by CS Lewis, read by Jeremy Northam) that helped pass the time between traumatic work. Now that I am used to working it, I like my Ipod much better than the iRiver that died on me.

Poor Arnold did not have as much fun as even me today. Our trainer came and introduced us to the Gentle Leader nose collar which is supposed to improve his walking habits. He actually ducked his head as if pouting after we used it. I'm sure he will be a very good walker soon, and not bark at people or dogs any more.

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