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Favorite things heard at work today: "Dress me up like a girl, Miss Ann!" and "The baby's name is Eric the Girl."

The very sweet nurse who has been heading the CPR classes wrote a very nice article about the church AEDs for the church paper. I hope more people take the training.

I still haven't been able to hear whether any of the people who died in London were Americans or not. I found out that my client's family is staying with friends, so hopefully they weren't using public transportation.

Alice Apollo's Amazing Grace is down to #45 on the Christian Country Charts. I just added a new song, Wayfaring Stranger. It's biggest advantage is that it's shorter. Also, I think I used my mike better this time. Check it out at

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Jul. 8th, 2005 01:57 am (UTC)
I heard four Americans killed on the 6 pm local news...no word on US injured.

Hope your client's family is safe.
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