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New Layout

I have been fiddling with my layout all night. Can't decide if I like it yet.
I changed my default icon back to a "neutral" one instead of the memory one I was using in June. It's too hard to see his face on all the pages.

I had a weepy day yesterday--hosted our church grief support group because the regular guy was on vacation. Then my sister in law and I went out to Will's grave. She had bought a beautiful flower arrangement, but we couldn't get it to fit in the official vase. We just sat and talked for a while, and it helped to have another perspective on past events.

I survived the first day of the "Week of being without a spouse before the vacation" stress. I'm off in the morning and getting my hair done, so that should help.

You can search for a range of numbers such as dates, temperatures, etc. on Google by doing this. Very nifty!

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