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It is now the time...

of year in Texas when it is so hot that I wait until the sun goes down for my evening walk with Arnold. It is pretty dark, since we don't have a lot of street lights, so that makes it exciting. We saw a toad tonight instead of the usual bird or rabbit. And it was ONLY 93 degrees. Well, it beats 104.

B and I both picked up new toys today. He got a racing game for the PS-2 that is very cool, and I got Extreme Karaoke. EK is very fun! It works sorta like DDR in that you have a visual you have to match. In EK, you match it with pitch and time of note. I have 2 platinum records so far. Now B and I can live our dreams--a race car driver married to a singer. Hmm...isn't there a movie about this somewhere?

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