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First Day of School

Yes, we do start early. We also get out before Memorial Day, and we get a week off in October. This would have been Will's senior year, so I have been weepy this week.

However, the morning was more exciting than I wanted it to be. A and I got caught in a hailstorm Sunday, and I had turned on the lights in my car. However, I did not turn the off again. This morning, I had to take A to a new school, since he has to take French off-campus. They did not tell us when he had to be there, of course, so I had to guess. As we rushed to the car, my remote would not work. Hmm. The car's battery was completely dead. B works very close by, so he had to take A and I to school. I had intended to get out with A, since not only did they not tell us the time, they did not tell us the room number in which this alleged class was taking place. But he waved me away with an "I'll figure it out," and our first day of school experience was over. Of course, tonight I had the Fill Out a Form For Every Class activity.

The lady in charge of our care ministry asked me if I would speak at church in 2 weeks. August 21, we are having a Care Ministry Sunday. They want me to give a short (2 minute) testimony about how Care Ministry has helped me recover from W's death. That should be interesting.

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