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Wow, I was internally whining about not having enough clients. Now they are calling for appointments as thick as the crickets in our building. I said goodbye to a sweetie-pie today, but I have an evaluation scheduled in her slot next week. Maybe I will start actually making some money.

I am very nervous about my upcoming talk at church, working hard, and spending my free time running errands. I have something going on every day of the weekend. I am to tired to tell more.

But here is a fun quizzette about my week.

Things Males have said to me this week:

1. Wanna see my underwear?
2. You shouldn't eat salad dressing--it's a fat.
3. Hey, I'm a stutterer.
4. That was exactly a minute and a half.
5. Can I come to your house?

All taken totally out of context. Can you match the statement to the boy or man? Choose from:

A. One of our ministers.
B. A college guy on line at a restaurant.
C. A 3 year old client
D. A ten year old client
E. My thirteen year old son.

Don't know why, but I thought this was funny.

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