Ann (lonestarslp) wrote,


To the quizette, anyway.

1. Wanna see my underwear? was said to me by a sweet 3 year old client who was very proud of his superhero underwear.

2. You shouldn't eat salad dressing--it's a fat was said by my smart-alec 13 year old son who is taking Health this semester.

3. Hey I'm a stutterer! A college guy in line at a restaurant struck up a conversation with me, and when I told him what I did then he commented that he was a stutterer and we had a nice conversation about speech.

4. That was exactly a minute and a half was said by my minister who was timing my testimonial.

5. Can I come to your house was said by a 10 year old client who wanted to come talk to my son about a cool website he had found.

Thanks for playing!

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