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Last Weekend

It was so amazing and yet so exhausting. I worked at a respite program at our church Friday night, where I met an adorable boy with CP and his also adorable brother. The program is for parents of special needs kids so that they can have a night off alone. They deserve it!

Saturday, we went to a b'nai mitzvah. This was a combination bar and bat mitzvah for a friend of A's and the friend's twin sister. I had never gone to one before, and the ceremony was beautiful. Some day I may have to make an entire entry about it. The ceremony was 2 hours long, but I didn't get tired until the very end. The last thing they did was a blessing where the congregation said a blessing over a cup of wine that someone sipped, and then a blessing was said over a loaf of bread that someone took a piece of and ate. I thought, "So that's where Jesus got the idea for the Last Supper!" A luncheon followed, and then we went home to take a nap, because there was a party later that night. It was fun, but tiring.

The next morning I gave a two minute testimonial at 3 church services. It turned out well. I spoke about how our church had helped us during our recent grief. I only cried a little once, and that was in between the services.

By Sunday afternoon, I was dead tired.

Our 22 wedding anniversary was Saturday, but we were too busy bar mitzvah-ing to do much about it. But I did get two dozen beautiful roses at work Monday. And a card that made me cry:

"One rose for each of 22 wonderful years,
and one for each wonderful son."

I am getting more clients and I am busy lately. And I am feeling better than usual. Which is why I haven't been writing much.

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