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I have been busier this week than I have been in a very long time. Dare I say...since Will died. Because I haven't felt this energetic since then. By the end of tomorrow, I will have evaluated five new kids, which is a record for me on my new job. It also means five reports, so yes dears, I will be working on the weekend. Compared to last spring, when I could barely make it through the week of just seeing a few clients, I am really doing much better. Wow. I'd like to thank God, my drugs, and Ahnold my trainer. Not necessarily in that order.

I have been avoiding TV news for the past year because it is so damn depressing, but even I am dimly aware that a hurricane devastated New Orleans, coastal Mississippi, and Mobile. So I have decided to forgo running a bar tab at my favorite restaurants this month and donate the money to UMCOR, which is the incredibly well organized charity branch of the United Methodist Church. Those of you who know me IRL will understand that my predilection for expensive tequila makes this donation more than just a couple of bucks. I just hope it helps.

I believe we may be getting people here from the area, so we may have an opportunity to donate supplies and things for kids. A note on our local conference site said that the effort could take as long as four years.

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