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Cant sleep...might as well write

Past midnight is about the only time I have to write nowadays. Work and volunteering have taken up most of my free time. But the weekend was interesting and worth preserving.

Saturday night, I went to the Balloon Festival. I was supposed to be handing out fliers for our upcoming CPR Blowout, a day when we have many many classes in CPR. The person in charge of fire safety and education is a very nice lady in the committee, so she offered to have me taken in and let me hang out at the kid's fire safety house to hand out the fliers. I got a ride with a fire department volunteer, who told me about what the volunteer program was like. I may do that after A goes to college; it sounds like fun. It was so hot when I got there that they had closed down the fire safety house so that they could let people sit in it who had had heat stroke because it was air conditioned. I spent some time wandering around to different booths and handing out fliers. When I got back to take a rest, I noticed that the First Aid tent was very busy. I t was so interesting to see people doing their jobs managing crises so well. I didn't get much handed out that night, but I enjoyed meeting everyone.

Sunday, my sister in law and I talked about finally cleaning up Will's room. I have another sister in law coming to visit, and so this forces my hand. This is a good thing, but very hard. I went out and bought some new bedding for his room, and I was struck by how close to tears I was. I am glad I won't be doing this alone. After A heard about our plans, he asked if he could move into Will's room because it was bigger. Maybe that will help make the transition easier, since there won't really be a Will's room after that. But it will be very sad, just like selling his car was.

Sunday night, I spoke to the youth, telling them about the upcoming Blood pressure screening. They seemed receptive. I am so glad this is really going to happen.

Next week will be a rough one, and I am glad I will have extra family around.

OK, now I'm tired.


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Sep. 19th, 2005 11:02 am (UTC)
:sigh: Yeah, when my SIL cleaned out my brother's things (she hasn't gotten rid of all of them, I don't think) it was quite difficult, and she has given things away slowly over four years. I asked for some of his clothes, which I think comforted both of us.

There is no easy way to do what you believe is right, but there is some comfort in knowing that you are moving forward and honoring him.
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