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Still can't sleep

Aieee, it is hot. During (hopefully!) the last 100 plus week of the year, our air conditioner decided to die. Or, rather a wire in our house that connects the AC to working power decided to short. The repair people cannot fix it until tomorrow. So we are sweltering here.

Awful day pretty much. My poor SIL came to help me with Will's room, and we worked pretty hard for a few hours in the morning and got some good stuff done with only a few tears. But tonight it was much too hot to work.

Two of my scheduled clients no-showed in a row. Another called to complain that I had told her something that I definitely did not tell her. At least there was air conditioning at work.

It is 84 degrees still at 11 pm. Poor Arnold's tongue has been hanging out all day. If it is too hot for a chihuahua, it is too hot for any mammal.


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Sep. 20th, 2005 01:27 pm (UTC)
it sure has been one hot september, huh? live without a/c is just about impossible, and definitely miserable.
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