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Will's Room

So much going on this week that I haven't had time to write about it.

I spent a lot of time going through Will's room with the help of my sister-in-law. Some of the things I found included: a hand-written letter from our youth minister, a notebook full of journal entries for a speech class, a spiral notebook with notes telling what happened in each class(I made him because he was pretending he never got back any papers), poems I had never seen before, and a thank you card that he never gave to a friend.

I was pretty good at separating the things to keep from the things to give away or toss. I could not bring myself to throw away his stuffed animals or the clothes he was wearing the day he died. There was some crying involved, and a lot of thinking about him. Sadness about there not being a Will's room any more.

It does look much better now. And I know my living son deserves the best room we can give him. It is still sad.

In 15 minutes it will be the day he would have turned 18. We will go see the altar flowers and I will help with the blood pressure screening. Then Monday will come, as if he never existed. Sometimes I want to grab all of the people who were at the hospital that day and ask "Do you remember? He was alive and then he was dead." I don't want anyone to forget it.

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