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Dear Will

Tonight I was at church checking blood pressures of the youth. A young man checking them with us said that he knew you and went to Clark with you. We did all the grades but 6th grade. We found a few that were high, and our nurse is going to call their parents to make sure that they got the message. Your dad spent most of the day working on his mufflers that he got for his birthday. We thought a lot about you and cried some.We cleaned out your room--don't worry, I got rid of the really private stuff--and A is going to spend his first night in there tonight. He still misses you too,and he tries to help me feel better. I miss you so much and sometimes I am still angry that other kids are going to college and you are not. I am pretty sure you have "seen" your grandmother and I am sure she sent our love. I will always remember you and love you.



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