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Shallow thoughts from tiredness

Thanks to everyone who sent me good wishes over the weekend. I was exhausted this week, so I have not responded to anyone individually. I guess it is a reaction to all the stress. I ended up not being able to work Tuesday at all; I was falling asleep at my desk. So I gave up and went home.

A and I talked a little about what he should study in school. He wants to go to law school, so we were discussing possible majors. He rejected Engineering and Philosophy. (I think philosophy would be fun; if I had unlimited amounts of money, I would study that). I should not be surprised that he has such strong opinions at his age, because at 13 you aren't complicated by shades of gray.

I bought a Let it Be T-shirt at Target a while back; this inspired me to buy some Beatles CDs from Amazon. I got them today and put them on iTunes. Unfortunately, there was a software update to be made to my iPod, and of course it got hosed up. So now my iPod is having to reload my entire catalog of 1380 songs. Grrrrrr.

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