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Great Weekend

We spent it in Fayetteville, Arkansas watching the Razorbacks lose to South Carolina for Homecoming. But the weather was perfect,( actually a little hot--we got sunburned) and the scenery was fantastic. My brother lives in a house that is in the perfect neighborhood. It is filled with sugar maples that turn incredible colors in the fall. We met at his house and drove to his special free parking area before walking across campus to the game. The walk is an important ritual because we get to see the campus again where B and I both went to school. The U of A engraves every graduate's name into their sidewalk, and it happened that we walked right over my name and B's name. We even saw gurdonark's name.

After the game we went back to my brother's house for a cookout. The food was great--shiskabobs of beef, chicken and lamb with three sauces, spinach balls, lots of sides, and an apple cake. My parents and uncle and aunt were there visiting also as well as my brother's wife's family. It was a perfect family gathering--no drama, just stories and laughter.

I hope we can come back again every year, because we need more family moments like this. I often feel so small and vulnerable as a family in Plano, and it was nice to be surrounded by love.