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Seven more days

Until my testimony at the Healing and Wholeness service. I am supposed to talk for about 15 minutes. I have some ideas about what I want to say, but they are swirling around and I am having a hard time getting organized. I was thrown for a loop because they titled the service "Hope for the Holidays" Ugh. just the phrase "the Holidays" makes me cringe with its sentimental falsity. My intention was to discuss the true meaning of Christian witness and how it has helped us. When Christ said go and make disciples of all nations, he did not mean force pamphlets on people in dorm rooms and airports. When he made disciples, he first helped those that he wanted to follow him. He helped Andrew and Peter catch fish. He went and ate dinner at Levi's house, knowing he was a despised tax collector. After he showed love, then he asked them to follow him. And that is what our church did for us. Now, I need to expand it to 15 minutes.