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Tired Ramblings

Tonight I gave my testimony at the Healing and Wholeness Service. It was hard, but it turned out well, I think. Now I am exhausted. Next week I have to work Monday through Wednesday and then drive to Arkansas. The next month I hope will go by quickly, although we have so much to do I am sure it will. My next church project is a CPR/AED class for the youth volunteers and staff. I am also teaching a Sunday School series in December about symbolism in the infancy narratives. I'm thinking of calling it The Baby Book of the Messiah.

Friday I saw ten kids, which is way to many for one day! Two new evaluations, so now I am behind another two reports. humph. But one of my guys is "graduating" from speech tomorrow. This will be fun! I got him a cookie bouquet as a congratulations present. A great part of the job.

I am very excited about the conference I am going to in January. It is for parents of kids who have died due to cardiac arrest. We are pooling resources across the country to try to improve AED placement and screening of children nationwide. More on this later.

I hope someday soon I will be able to write more often and more thoughtfully, but for now the bare facts will have to do.

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