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Letter I wrote to a DMN reporter about the Candy Cane people who started the Red/Green rumors

I am extremely disappointed that the Christian parents who are suing the school district over distributing candy canes believe that what they are doing is the best method to witness for the Christian faith. I’d like to suggest some other, more effective examples of Christian witness that I have observed over the past eighteen months.

 The efforts by Plano West staff, paramedics, and Presbyterian hospital staff to save my son Will’s life.

The outpouring of support from the teachers of every school my son attended during his sixteen years: Thomas Elementary, Carpenter Middle School, and Clark High School.

The cards, letters, meals, and personal visits provided by families in Plano as we recovered from our loss.

The prayer offered on behalf of our family by the school board.

A letter written to me by one of the secretaries at PESH saying that she was sorry that she would not get to meet Will.

The effort by a group of nurses in the district to improve CPR/AED training and to purchase AEDs.

The purchasing of AEDs for every school in PISD.

The purchasing of additional AEDs at PESH to accommodate the larger campus.

The students in the Plano High School student government who responded to a request for purchasing additional AEDs by saying, “Why wouldn’t we do this?”


I have many more acts of kindness that I could list, especially by the members of (name deleted)UMC, our home church. Our family has been transformed by them, in a way that a message on a candy cane could never accomplish.


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