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New DSL and a High Fiber Future

By a miracle, our new DSL began working on the day it was promised. So my new email is asnunnally at verizon dot net. And, it looks like by the end of the month, we will be getting fiber optic service. (Insert a geeky "squee" here).

Other aspects of life here aren't so great, so this is a nice bonus.

Three movies I recently got:

Walk the Line
Pride and Prejudice
Network (yes the really old one)

I think I am going to delete all my feeds and groups that I never read anyway. Then maybe I can stand to read my friends list. What I really don't like is that I feel as though I am reading people's thoughts an isolated piece at a time, so I am taking to reading each person individually for some continuity.

It is March 1--a new month, and it must be a better one!

Happy Ash Wednesday for those who celebrate it. We won't be going to church tonight because we are going to grief counseling.

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