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Conventional Week

Went to our state convention this week at the Gaylord Texan, a very fancy hotel in Grapevine. When I checked in, they were out of non-smoking rooms, so they upgraded me to an "executive suite." Nicest hotel room I have ever had.

I saw lots of friends, collected free toys, and bought some fun stuff for therapy. Oh, and collected some CEUs. I always enjoy TSHA convention.

Tonight my surprise came to fruition. A young woman had created a very nice cartoon in remembrance of Will. You can see it here I had it made into a T-shirt. The T-shirt design is

on the front. and the cartoon on the back. They turned out great, and I had a lot made for Will's old friends. A liked his so well, he wore it Friday and Saturday. I think Will's best friend liked them, too. I like the idea of the kids going off to college wearing Will's name on their backs.

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