Ann (lonestarslp) wrote,

She drove a Mountaineer and barely kept her family fed

I finally got my car last night. Woo Hoo! It is in really good shape--I haven't noticed any problems at all so far. It actually came with a CD that explains all the features in addition to the owner's manual. I am really enjoying it.

I feel so behind on everything since I was out Monday, had a meeting on Tuesday after school, and left early Wednesday to pick up the car. I am still struggling with a couple of my groups. I worry about having kids left out, whether the kids are getting the right therapy, and whether they need any therapy at all. I have one kindergartener who is driving me crazy and does not seem to have any speaking problems, which was what he was in speech for. However, he does seem to have trouble following directions and staying on topic. Is he just immature or is he disordered? Hard to tell.

Kids seem to come and go in a flow. Every other day or so, a child shows up or leaves the school. Mostly, they show up. I now have about 53 kids on the caseload. I have to write all my progress reports this weekend for Monday. Fortunately, it is a one-page form. But multiplied by 53...very scary.

I used a fun book this week that the kids really liked called Tops and Bottoms. I've used it for third through fifth graders. Wodney Wat has also been popular among my articulation students. I like to do listening exercises in artic by reading books. Also, I'm going to work with my two 4th graders with artic on public reading and speaking. They are so sweet; they are my easiest group by far. Maybe it's because there are only two of them. But they are also very calm and they work hard.

I got in the Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig. Very funny. I'm almost ready for my Three Little Pigs unit.

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