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Shoe Sunday

The most comfortable shoes EVAR The most comfortable shoes EVAR

I love these shoes! The top is soft and stretchy like a swimsuit. Next best thing to Ugg slippers or barefoot.

I also got a new iPod to replace my lost/stolen one. It's a 30G with video. I actually got it to work with a minimum of jiggling today.

A is well again, and will have to go back to school tomorrow. Oh well!

I just heard about a diabetes drug called Byetta that is made from the saliva of Gila monsters that is supposed to decrease your appetite as well. I may try that instead of begging my doctor for the Lap Band. The only drawback is that you have to inject it twice a day. Injecting is supposed to be less painful than finger sticks, but I don't think it sounds like fun.

I'm going to think about it for a while, since I just started a new mood stabilizer called Lamictal. No side effects so far. I don't want to add too many meds at once.