Ann (lonestarslp) wrote,

The first six weeks is up already????

I had to go back to the doctor last night after a day of feeling awful. I have another sinus infection that has not developed into an ear infection yet, thank goodness. Got more antibiotics. Spent most of today in bed because I am so exhausted. WARNING! WHINE COMING! I am -so- sick of being sick.

I gotta finish my progress reports by Monday so they can go out in report cards. Despite everything, I got 15 done yesterday. We were sent a computer version of the form and it really is easier than writing it. My goal is to work on the computer today and get out at least 20 more. Then I won't be so far behind tomorrow. I'd rather be thinking about lesson plans and the student I tested Friday. The student tested normal for language but had a really low score in the following directions sub-test. I want to think of another test I can give to further probe that weakness. The student was a transfer from another district that was about to be dismissed from speech.

I may have another second grade student that just transferred in. My second grade groups are very crowded. I may have to make another time for them. The teachers are not gonna like it, but I just can't give these kids what they need in such large groups.

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