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The Animal Saga continues

I thought taking the dog to the vet was tough, but that was just a preliminary bout.

We attempted to get Apollo and Alice, the two cats, into carriers for their vet trip. We thought we were being crafty because we could get Apollo into a crate by himself. He was downstairs on a kitchen chair, and I went upstairs to get the crate while B (aka dwerkin) stood guard. As soon as that cat heard the crate being lifted, he took off like a flash. Apollo is as dumb as a post except when it comes to running and hiding.

A cat trek ensued. We cornered him several times, only to have him slip from our grasp. I finally chased him to my office, where A stood to catch him with the crate. Arnold was helping, always ready to harass a cat. Apollo dashed out from behind a chair, and Arnold pushed him back before Apollo could escape down the hall. However, he took off. A held the crate and moved it back and forth quickly in a frantic attempt to block Apollo's path and try to scoop him up. The crafty cat leaped on top of the crate and streaked past. We never came close again. We did get Alice in a crate, and she behaved very well at the vet.

Next week we will try again. Our vet advised using a pillowcase to catch him. I want to use a gun. OK, a tranquilizer gun.

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