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Mind Sweepings

What's left over after the day

27 August 1961
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Back from a 1 year hiatus. I am getting better, so I feel like interacting with the world again.


I have had various illnesses that have kept me busy trying to make it through the day, so I have not had time to update. I am still keeping this around so that when I need it again it will be there. I write something every few months.

UPDATE 6-16-04:

I am recovering from a major blow. My 16 year old son died June 8, 2004.

I hope that all my entries after this will contain some joy as well as the pain.

I am a speech language pathologist now working in a private practice.

I was diagnosed with diabetes in December 2003.

If my abbreviations confuse you, there is a glossary on my journal page.

You probably can guess that I live in Texas.

That's all for now.

Please visit my journal so that I will have more than

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